Convert to virtual

How to convert your registration to virtual –

You will need to use this link ( to let us know that you plan to run Oak Barrel virtually.

When you fill out the form – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use the name that you used when you registered for the race initially.  If your last name has changed since you registered for the race – please use the last name you used when you registered.  It you registered with a nickname – please fill out the ‘convert to virtual’ form with the same nickname.

The fees associated with the conversion to virtual –

  • 10/15/2020 – 2/14/2021 – Free
  • 2/15/2021 – 2/28/2021 – $10
  • 3/1/2021 – 3/26/2021 – $15
  • 3/27/2021-4/1/2021 – $20

The reason for the fees – there are several items that we pay for all in-person participants such as food, timing, race bibs, ….  For virtual participants, those fees, typically required for in-person, that are not required for virtual participants are what we use to pay for the shipping for our virtual participants.  As we get close to the race date, we start ordering the food and other services required for in-person runners.  Once those items are ordered, those funds for that participant have been obligated even if they opt to convert to a virtual race.  Thus, the associated fee.  It is also put in place to encourage early planning on your part, so that our planning is a bit easier.

How to complete the virtual Oak Barrel Half –

Please understand that if you have converted to a virtual race – you must complete these steps in order to have completed the virtual Oak Barrel.  If you have not completed these steps, race swag will not be shipped to you.

  • Complete the 13.1 distance on foot
  • Submit your race results (no later than 4/1/2021)
    • See info below on how to submit your results
  • Email a photo of your run to
    • The photo can be of you, scenery on your run, really anything you see on your run that day.

Submitting your race results-

  • Use this link:  
  • There is a search box at the top of the page that will allow you to search for your name.
  • Once you locate your name, click the ‘Edit Time’ link
  • It will allow you to add your overall time for the half marathon
  • It will require that you enter your date of birth – this is how we are ensuring that it is actually you entering the information.
  • The “Print Certificate” link that you see when you click on your name will allow you to print a race bib – if you like.

Other Notes:

  • There is no time limit for the run
  • If you have to break the run down into smaller segments – that is fine – please just keep up with time
  • The run and race results need to be submitted no later than 4/1/2021
  • We will confirm a shipping address prior to shipping your swag.  If you have and address change – please wait on us to send you that address confirmation so that those can be processes all at one time.
  • The virtual race results will not be integrated with the in-person results. Since the virtual run is not on the same course under the same weather conditions as the in-person race – the results are not comparable.

Things to know about converting your entry to virtual

One thing to know about Oak Barrel Half – MOST of the race swag that we give you at the race is given after you have completed the race.  For instance, for the 2020 race:

  • Before the race – ¼ zip long sleeve Oak Barrel shirt
  • After the race – (these were all finisher items – meaning if you didn’t complete the race you didn’t get these items.)
    • Oak Barrel Finisher Medal
    • Oak Barrel Swiftwick running socks
    • Oak Barrel running hat or visor.

So, if you don’t run the race – you ONLY get the race shirt and not the finisher items.  For the in-person race – if you don’t run the race – you can have a friend pickup your race shirt for you.  For those that don’t complete the race, we don’t ship shirts.

The virtual race works pretty much the same way as the in-person race.  If you don’t complete the virtual run, we treat is the same as a participant that signed up for the race and didn’t show up on race day.

If the information around the virtual race seems a bit harsh – please understand – we are a running club organizing an in-person race.  We are all volunteers.  We volunteered to organize an in-person race.  No one on this race committee is interested in organizing a virtual race.  If you are looking for the ultimate virtual race experience -Oak Barrel is not that.  We have put the virtual option in place to accommodate our runners who at so point determine that they can not (or don’t want to) attend in-person. If you are thinking – what is the big deal with us dealing with virtual.  Well gathering one packet and schlepping it to the post office isn’t a big deal but 100’s of them become a big deal.  Getting to know the whole life story of the USPS clerk was not on our agenda – not a bad thing – just not on our agenda.