COVID-19 Changes

Below are the some of modifications that were made for the 2020 Oak Barre Half. These are not everything that was implemented but does cover the major changes that were put in place for the race.

Start Line
This is the major change to the race.
We plan to start the race in a time trial format with participants starting over an hour and a half. This will allow us to put 1 to 3 seconds between each participant as they start the race. This will help to reduce the crowding at the start of the race. It will also reduce the crowds on the course, at packet pickup, and at the finish line.

We plan for the first runners to start at 7:30am with the last runners going off at 9:00am. We would like for all of the registered participants to select their desired start time. The times are arranged in 5 minute increments over the hour and a half. Each time slot will have a limited number of slots available and once those are full that time slot will not be available for selection.

Things that you may want to consider before selecting your time slot.
– If you are traveling or riding with friends or family, you may want to coordinate your start times
– The course will close at noon. You will want to consider your start time if you are a slower runner to ensure that you have enough time to make that noon cut off.
– The later start times may provide a bit of extra time on race morning for travel/parking/packet pickup.

Elite start
If there is interest – we plan an elite male and elite female race start. Those starts would be a group start (not time trial). We will allow runners to place themselves in those start divisions. We will limit those groups to 20 or possibly 25 people. the elite wave would include males that can run a 1:35:00 half marathon or a females that can run a 1:50:00 half marathon. Our plan is to start the elite men at 7:30AM with the elite women starting about 7:32AM. We expect that the overall top 3 men and women will come from this group.

If you are one of our faster runners and would like to start with the elite wave, please select Elite wave when you select your race start time.

Course Time Limit
The course will close at noon. So your on course time will be limited – depending on your selected start time.

Packet Pickup
Packet pickup both Friday (noon – 7PM) and Saturday (6AM- 8:45) will be in Wiseman Park at the Moorehead pavilion this year. This is the location for packet pickup normally on Saturday morning. The change is for Friday packet pickup. This location gives us a large outside pavilion. It will provide lots more space to spread out on Friday than our normal Friday packet pickup location.

Temperature Checks
Our county EMS personnel will be checking temperatures of all participants before they may enter the start corral. If you are running a fever, you will not be allowed entry into the race start area or to participate in the race.

Water Stations
The water stations on the race course will be self serve. Our volunteers will place a few cups on the tables. The cups will be positioned such that the runners can grab a cup as they pass the table. The water station volunteers will periodically resupply the cups and clean the table. There also may be bottled water at the water stations.

Award Ceremony
We do not plan to have an award ceremony. We will have a location on the square after the race that you can pickup your award. One thing to keep in mind is with the start of the race spread out over an hour and a half – the position within the age groups will change over the course of the race.
Example – If the second fastest person in an age group starts at 7:35 and the fastest person within that same age group starts at 9:00. Upon an initial check of the results, the person starting at 7:35 would appear to be 1st in the age group. It could be almost 1.5 hours later when the fastest person in the age group would finish.
If you are not able to pickup your award on the square on race day, we will make arrangements to get your award to you.

If you are sick on race morning
If you are sick on race morning please stay home

What will not change
We plan to have the normal food and post race activities on the square after the race. Because of the protracted start to the race, we expect that the crowd on the square after the race will be a bit smaller than normal. There should be plenty of room on the square to appropriately social distance on the square after the race.