Oak Barrel Half | April 6, 2024


The course starts just off the square in Lynchburg, Tennessee and winds through rural Moore County Tennessee and passes the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. The course finishes the 13.1 mile loop on the Lynchburg town square.

Lynchburg sits at the low point of a beautiful, picturesque valley, and because of this, the race course does include a few hills. Since start and finish locations of the race are essentially at the same elevation, any hills that you get to climb, you also get to descend.

If you are looking for an address to plug into a map program or GPS for directions for the race start, use: 196 Main Street, Lynchburg, TN 37352 (35.282622,-86.373524).

Parking for the race will be in Wiseman Park which is just behind the Moore County square. A parking map will be posted soon.

Understand, that because Lynchburg sits in a valley, the race course incorporates a few hills. The scenic beauty of Moore County; however, will far outweigh any of the challenges presented by the hills. This will NOT be a flat and fast personal record setting course but hopefully will be a fun and memorable race.

A link to the course map can be found on RideWithGPS. As promised the course includes a few hills. Most of the altitude required to get up on the ridge above town is gained in a little over a mile. In addition to that one major hill, the course includes few rolling hills but none that are significant. After mile 9, the course is either a shallow downhill grade or flat to the finish line.

Things to know about the course

  • This is NOT a flat course
  • There is one character building hill (Whiskey Hill) that starts at about mile 4.
  • Whiskey Hill is a gradual climb for about a mile. The last little bit of it however gets very steep. The steep part is very short.
  • There is one other hill that is very short.
  • There is a gradual downhill section that runs from about mile 9 to 12.
  • The last mile is flat.

Water Station Locations

Water Stops will be located at the following approximate locations:

2.7 Miles
4.7 Miles
6.2 Miles
7.8 Miles
9.6 Miles
10.7 Miles
11.9 Miles

For a easily printable map (.pdf format): Course Map2019